kata pasal kawan . memang saia sangat sayang pada kawan saia :-)
suke sangat if dapat kawan macam awak semua . awak semua sayang saia tak ? <-- to bestie saia .

saia memang sayang awak sangat2 . tapi kite dha semakin jauh . kenapa ea ? seriously saia kate .
saia tengok awak semua dha jauh dari saia . jauh sangat-2 . if online pun macam dha tak kenal :-)

we've join together as classmate. as the newer begin . a year a full with meaning , while we becomes friend .

a friendship is a priceless gift for me sygs . that cannot be bought or sold tautau , but its value is far greater :-)

friends are friends forever still end . you always promise me that you wnat to be my friends ryte ?  oneday something change and im not sure what it was . plisss lha cakab apa yang saia dha buat at awak semua ?

suddenly i made my  new friends and you made yours ? ouh so sad meyh :-( but im only can say that you are my thruthly friends until now beb ! memory all i had in mind now , :-(

i hope you still thought im is your friends . would you forgive me once ? i don't want our friendship let it go simplestly . :-(

and so , these friends , god sends our way . remain forever near .

sincrelely <--- iera :-)
to ---> my bestie :-)